A nice trip to the library

I’ve been incredibly busy lately. Between planning my wedding, trying to start my business and having intensive work done on my house, I’ve barely had time to relax. One of my many errands today was to get recycling bags from the library and I decided to get some books to help me relax. I’ve decided to incorporate reading into my nighttime routine to help me sleep. I also love looking through a new cookbook 


I’m back!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything because a lot has been happening over the past few weeks. My niece was born 13 weeks early so my family have all been helping my brother and sister in law. My niece is doing really well and I’m so in love with her already! I went on a holiday to Spain and had an amazing time. While I was in Spain, my boyfriend proposed to me and I said yes! So now I’m setting up this business and planning my wedding. I won’t flood this blog with wedding posts, but it will be mentioned occasionally on this blog. Thank you all for following me! 

Rough week

I know this week isn’t over yet, but it has been a rough few days! My brother and I are having difficulty opening a business bank account which has made us have to add another director to our company. I also got paid £5 (Universal Credit), which is supposed to last me a month. I’m also trying to set up an Etsy shop and now I can’t buy materials.  I’m dealing with these issues quite well, I think. Sleeping has been difficult lately, but I think I’ll be ok. I’ll just be happy when it is all resolved. 

Busy bee

I’ve had a very busy week and I’ve done a lot of things that I’d never thought I’d do. I’ve registered my company with companies house, applied for a business bank account and made a lot of progress with my business plan. I’ve got my hair cut and had a very important doctor’s appointment. On top of that I’ve been helping a friend of mine move, which has mainly involved babysitting their 3 year old. My anxiety has been surprisingly good and I’m proud of myself because stress is a huge trigger of mine. I’m excited for what comes next and I hope I make much more progress with my anxiety. 

Meeting with the Prince’s Trust

I had an amazing meeting with my mentor and it really lifted my spirits. I’ve been working hard setting up this business and getting some feedback has made a huge difference in my mood. I feel validated and motivated and I couldn’t be happier! I feel a lot less anxious in general and I feel like I can relax for a couple of days.